Greg Morey has a keen eye for identifying revenue opportunities in digital video, and knows exactly how to tap into them. With years of experience cultivating programmatic ad networks, Greg has continually demonstrated an ability to seek out key audiences for content that’s both relevant to their interests and valuable for advertisers. Prior to ZMG, Greg worked at E.W. Scripps, where he was integral in establishing Newsy as an industry-leading destination for programmatic advertisers.  At ZMG, Greg focuses on building well-produced, monetized video lifestyle brands on Connected TV and mobile platforms. He is applying our technology to monetize social video. Greg enjoys shaking things up, which was demonstrated when he launched the “Ride Like a Rock Star” Sales Contest at Tribune Broadcast, where a brand new Mercedes-Benz was awarded to the seller of the largest deal, resulting in an 11-1 ROI for the promotion.