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Our Story

On a crisp Spring day in April, 2011 Zazoom Media Group was founded by three broadcast journalists with decades of experience and 32 total Emmys between them.  They saw an opportunity to do what they had done for years, but for audiences everywhere there is a screen.  They built a business strategy atop of these four principles:

  • Success – without success, the business won’t scale.  It’s kind of important they thought.
  • Integrity – to be successful we need to be trusted by our audiences, partners and advertisers. 
  • Fun – news is our passion and we want to have fun doing what we love.   This way – maybe, just maybe – our content will reflect our passion.
  • Chocolate – every milestone we hit needs to be celebrated with chocolate.  

Four years later, we still have fun creating new stories everyday, audiences love us, and we are in business with best-in-class media companies.  Our success can be measured in so many ways.  We’re particularly proud of how many video views we generate each and every day.